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Vespa in BucktownThe utilitarian and economic benefits of the Vespa motorscooter were obvious upon its introduction in 1946. But riders also quickly embraced the Vespa's less-obvious social benefits. Clubs were formed to organize local rides, races, tours, mechanical co-ops, and social events. Scooterists found common bonds beyond their choice of transportation.

Scootering’s popularity in the United States ebbs and flows, but there has been a devoted community of scooter enthusiasts riding and celebrating the Vespa since the 1950s. The VCOA is America’s longest-running national club, in its 30th year. VCOA-Chicago is one of the VCOA's first (and largest) local chapters, with more than 60 members.

Whatever scooter you ride, VCOA-Chicago invites you to join the diverse Chicagoland scootering community. We encourage you to get involved, get excited about scootering, and become a part of scooter culture’s rich history.

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Upcoming Events

Events with a blue flag are organized or sponsored by VCOA or VCOA-Chi. Other events are posted for reference.


  • Roadside Assistance
    VCOA’s Roadside Assistance program includes 25 miles of free towing, battery service, or even an emergency gallon of gas if you run out! It really is a heck of nice a benefit for your […]
  • Scooter Maintenance 101
    I’ve been riding vintage scooters, and thus maintaining a small fleet of them, for more than 25 years. I’m still no pro mechanic, but I’ve learned a few essential things over […]
  • July Garage Night
    The weather once again threatened us but turned out fine. The Euro final went into penalties and England lost to Italy… And we had a few beers, ate some pizza, and even fixed some bikes. […]

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