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Vespa in BucktownSince its introduction in 1946, the Vespa’s utilitarian and economic benefits were immediately obvious. But riders also embraced the social aspects of scootering. Local clubs were formed to organize rides, races, tours, mechanical co-ops, and social events. Scooterists found common bonds beyond their choice of transportation.

Scootering’s popularity in the United States ebbs and flows, but there has been a devoted community of scooter enthusiasts riding, wrenching, collecting, and evangelizing since the 1950s. The VCOA is America’s longest-running national club, approaching its 30th anniversary. VCOA-Chicago is one of the VCOA's first (and largest) local chapters, with about 50 members.

Whatever scooter you ride, VCOA-Chicago invites you to join the diverse Chicagoland scootering community. We encourage you to get involved, get excited about scootering, and become a part of scooter culture’s rich history.

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Upcoming Events

Events with a blue flag are organized or sponsored by VCOA or VCOA-Chi. Other events are posted for reference.


  • Roadside Assistance
    VCOA’s Roadside Assistance program includes 25 miles of free towing, battery service, or even an emergency gallon of gas if you run out! It really is a heck of nice a benefit for your […]
  • Scooter Maintenance 101
    I’ve been riding vintage scooters, and thus maintaining a small fleet of them, for more than 25 years. I’m still no pro mechanic, but I’ve learned a few essential things over […]
  • July Garage Night
    The weather once again threatened us but turned out fine. The Euro final went into penalties and England lost to Italy… And we had a few beers, ate some pizza, and even fixed some bikes. […]

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