Our Coveralls

Matching club coveralls date back to the very first Vespa rallies, when most riders wore waxed-canvas boilersuits for protection from the elements. After seeing all the matching outfits at World Vespa Days 2024 in Pontedera — notably the “White Storks” of V.C. Strausbourg (right) — we set our sights on a distinctive Chicago uniform…

Well… “uniform” is not the right word. A uniform is a sign of conformity. We wear our coveralls in the spirit of club unity, to show pride in our club and our city. Members are absolutely not required to wear them, but it’s an impressive sight.

If you’re representing our club at a major rally, especially abroad, and want to make your own coveralls, the specifications are all here. Feel free to individualize yours a bit, but try to keep the major components consistent.

The Coveralls:

The basic garment is Red Kap’s Short Sleeve Speedsuit in “Medium Blue” (note that link defaults to “Navy”). They’re not terribly expensive, and new online customers get a 15% discount. Sizes run pretty true. If your size is not available, you can find a similar suit from a different manufacturer, though the color and style will probably vary. You could do a longsleeve version, or even a workshirt, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing coveralls. Not going to lie, going to the bathroom after a weekend of Malört shots and Indian food can be challenging in coveralls, but that’s the sort of commitment we expect from you as a VCOA member..


Before sewing all those patches on, make sure your suit fits right. Ensure that you can put it on and take it off without help, and that it’s roomy enough to sit and stretch (and ride a scooter). A tailor, friend, or YouTube tutorial can help you make any needed adjustments (hemming the legs, taking in the crotch, etc).

Basic Insignia:

Above is a diagram of all the patches. Remember not to sew patches through the pockets, or you won’t be able to use them. Below is a key, with sources. Note that we didn’t include precise measurements; different sizes have wildly different spacing, so just match the diagram best you can.

(Drop us a line before ordering any patches, we have some of these available, cheap)

  1. VCOA back patch. (available at club events, or contact us.) on back.
  2. U.S. Flag (here) top of left shoulder, and
  3. Chicago Flag (here) directly below (touching) the American flag.
  4. Chicago Seal (here) on the right shoulder
  5. Vespa Club of America (here, or in your member packet) and
  6. Vespa Club of Chicago (here, or in your member packet), aligned and centered a bit over left pocket with VCOA to the zipper side and VCOA-Chi towards the sleeve.
  7. Your Name (or preferred nickname) preferably in yellow/gold, embroidered directly to the coveralls or added as a patch. You can get custom name patches on Etsy, but if you want it really slick-looking, take it to Vitchcraft or our pal Abe here in Chicago.
  8. Vespa Logo (here) or similar, at the proper angle (12-15°).
  9. International Flags of countries you’ve travelled to with VCOA on back, below or around VCOA backpatch. (we will provide!)
  10. State/City Flags of places you’ve visited with VCOA. on right leg, centered on seam, below pocket. (we will provide!)
  11. Spray-Painted Chicago Star we’ll take care of this later…

Other Flair:

Here’s a list of other patches chosen for group trips, we’ll continue to add more, and the events/groups they represent. You’re not obligated to add these, but you’re welcome to, if any speak to you…

  • Lemonheads (here) selected by Patti Chaos for Canada World Days 2024
  • Jeppson’s Malört (No longer available, alternate patch here) selected by Chris J. for Canada World Days 2024
  • Old Style (here) selected by Sean M. for Canada World Days 2024
  • Chicago Style Hot Dog (here) selected by Phil P. for Canada World Days 2024
  • Morton Salt (here) selected by Sam C. for Canada World Days 2024
  • Giardiniera (here) selected by Josh J. for Canada World Days 2024 (didn’t arrive in time, added later)

Lookin’ Good!

Wear your Vespa Club of Chicago coveralls with pride, and remember that you’re representing the Vespa Club of Chicago, the Vespa Club of America, and Chicago itself. Set a good example. Or at least an entertaining bad example.