VCOA’s Roadside Assistance program includes 25 miles of free towing, battery service, or even an emergency gallon of gas if you run out! It really is a heck of nice a benefit for your $35 membership fees.

This benefit, however, does you no good if you don’t know how to access it. There are two methods you can use:

Method #1: Call the provider directly and give them your information.

  1. Call the roadside provider at 1 (866) 454-4260
    1. That number is printed on the new VCOA membership cards
  2. Give the provider the “Producer Code” for VCOA: 14336.
    (If you received stickers in your membership packet, they should have this Producer Code)
  3. Give the provider your VCOA member number:
    Start with the letters “VCOA” then your 4-digit member number, for example, VCOA1234.
  4. Give the address where you need to be picked up.
  5. Wait with your scooter for the tow truck to arrive.

Even if you carry your membership card, it’s a great idea to write down the phone number, VCOA Producer Code, and your member number on a piece of duct tape under your seat! If you don’t have any of this info handy, you’ll have to go with Method #2:

  1. Call a towing provider of your choice and pay for the required service. Be sure to get a receipt or bill.
  2. For reimbursement, call their toll-free number 866 454-4260 or visit the to start your claim
  3. If you choose this method, it may take a while to process your claim and issue a reimbursement.

An important note:

  • You are eligible for ONE SERVICE (battery, fluid fill, or towing) per 12 months period, which is based on your membership/renewal date.
  • VCOA updates our member list with our roadside partner at the beginning of each month, and it takes them about 30 days to get new members processed and entered into their system. So it could be up to two months before you receive your roadside packet. During this period, you may have to use the second option for roadside assistance.

You can get more information, find member discounts on gear and travel, and upgrade your plan at MOA’s VCOA plan website.

Roadside Assistance