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Vespa in BucktownWhen the Vespa motorscooter was introduced in 1946, its practicality was immediately obvious. It didn't take long for riders to discover the Vespa had social benefits as well. Soon, Vespisti were forming clubs and organizing rides, races, tours, mechanical co-ops, and other events. This network of local Vespa Clubs still exists today, uniting riders wordwide.

The Vespa's popularity in the United States ebbs and flows, but a devoted community of scooter enthusiasts has consistently been riding and celebrating the Vespa since its arrival here. The Vespa Club of America was established in the fifties, and re-established in the nineties as the official U.S. affiliate of the Vespa World Club. The Vespa Club of Chicago is one of the VCOA's oldest and largest local chapters, with about 80 members.

Join the Chicagoland scootering community! Whatever scooter you ride, we encourage you to get excited about scootering, get involved, and become a part of scootering’s rich history.

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Events with a blue flag are organized or co-sponsored by VCOA-Chicago and welcome all scooters and scooterists, including non-members. Other events (without a flag) are posted for reference, and may be limited to certain marques, clubs, or specific interests.

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Recurring events:
VCOA Chicago’s monthly meeting is every first Tuesday
Zwapt Zhop welcomes scooters at their frequent minimoto rides.
Small Displacement Sundays hosts monthly meetups in the suburbs.


  • Canada Vespa Days 2024
    Eight VCOA Chicago members cross the border on a mission to the Canadian national rally in June 2024 […]
  • Vespa Club of Chicago with Vespa Club Alpalgo in the beer tent.Vespa World Days, Pontedera 2024
    With Vespa Club Alpalgo in the beer tent. The Vespa first appeared in 1946, and was followed immediately by the formation of Vespa Clubs. By 1949, Italian local clubs had already united […]
  • Minutes of our 2024 Annual Meeting
    The 2024 Vespa Club of Chicago Annual Meeting was held Sunday, February 4 at Chapter Leader Bryan Bedell’s house.The agenda/talking points are in black, notes from the meeting (and […]
  • Scooter Toolkit
    Tools and spares to carry with you on your scooter If you’ve got a late-model scooter, ride it regularly, and take it to the dealer for regular service, maybe you’ll never need to think […]

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