How do I join the VCOA Chicago Chapter?

Simply join the VCOA! If you’re in the Chicago area (Illinois’ McHenry, Lake, Cook, DuPage, and Will Counties) you’ll get a VCOA Chicago patch with your membership kit, and shortly after your welcome email, you’ll get an email from the Chicago chapter leader with local info.

Do I specifically need a Vespa motorscooter to join VCOA-Chicago?

While the focus of the international Vespa World Club network is the Vespa motorscooter, VCOA-Chicago welcomes ALL scooters and scooterists to our club and our events. There’s plenty of room for everyone. We celebrate the diversity of our people and machines. (Note that some events we publicize or co-sponosor have their own rules, but we’ll be clear about any such exceptions in our listings.)

“Vespa” is in the name of our club, so we’re gonna lean towards that brand, but don’t take it personally, there are plenty of other great scooters out there. If your scooter makes you happy, let’s ride!

What sort of events does VCOA organize?

Rather than having a recurring date and place for our events, we try to mix up times dates and locations, both for variety and so people with complicated schedules can attend at least some of our events. We try to organize one event a month. In the temperate months, it’s usually a group ride and/or some sort of outdoor get-together. In the winter, it’s more likely to be a ‘garage night’ (to work on bikes) or a get-together at a restaurant, bar, or coffeeshop.

Do I need to be a VCOA member to attend VCOA-Chicago events?

All VCOA-Chicago events to date have been open to the public. We’d love to meet you, and hope that you’ll see value in joining the club. We might do a members-only event eventually, but we’ll make that clear in the event listing.

Do your events cost money?

We generally don’t collect a fee to participate in our events.You’ll probably want to bring some money for gas, food, and drink. Sometimes there’s an admission fee or cover charge at our destination. We’ll be clear about that in the event listings. Some events that we co-sponsor or participate in, such as weekend rallies, might have a registration fee that covers a patch, goodie bag, and food/drink/entertainment… again, check the event description or event webpage for more details.

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